Semana Clímax - Warner Channel Latino América

OK, this post is going to be in Spanish, as this has to do with Latin America.

Mañana empieza la Semana Clímax en Warner Channel. Incréible, ¿no? Ya quiero ver los finales de temporada de las series que veo. En la semana escribiré mis comentarios del episodio final de la temporada y finalmente, mi comentario de la serie en general. Aquí les pongo los horarios de las series que terminan esta semana. Tacharé las series que no veo, espero que no ofenda a nadie. ^-^


Lunes 1 de junio:
8 PM: “Cold Case”
9 PM: “Eleventh Hour’

Martes 2 de Junio:
8 PM: “The Big Bang Theory”
8:30 PM: “Two and a Half Men”
9 PM: “Smallville”

Miércoles 3 de Junio:
10 PM: “Gossip Girl”

Jueves 4 de Junio:
9 PM:“The Mentalist” (no veo la serie, pero he visto algunos episodios, así que veré si la veo)
10 PM: “Supernatural”

Sábado 6 de Junio
12 AM: “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”

Las series nuevas que vienen son:

Miércoles 10 Junio
The New Adventures Of Old Christine (4ª Temporada)
ER (15ª y Última Temporada)

Jueves 11 Junio
Californication (2ª Temporada y serán DOS horas de episodios de estreno cada semana, no como en el caso de Gossip Girl que una hora era repeticion y la otra el nuevo)
The L Word (5ª Temporada)

Lunes 14 Junio
Chuck (2ª Temporada)

****La que queda pendiente de estrenos es Without a Trace con su 7ª  y útlima temporada.
La verdad no veo ninguna de estas series nuevas que van a estrenar. Creo que la única serie que seguiré viendo del canal será Fringe en esta temporada de verano. Me gustaría que regresaran Pushing Daisies con su temporada final. :(

New Moon Teaser Trailer - Impressions

Almost during this whole day I've been waiting for this trailer. I know it's rare to find a boy who is fan of the Twilight series, but I enjoyed the books and I like love stories (yeah, i'm a romantic guy!!). Anyway, the point of this entry is to say my impressions of the teaser trailer of the new Twilight movie: New Moon. 


1. If I'm not worng, the first scene must be the cliff where Bella jumps. and if it is, WOOOW !!!

2. The kissing sexy.. very sexy. I loved how Kristin lifts her eyebrow. XD

3. As always, i like BellaXEdward moments. Very romantic moments.

4. The birthday scene. The sequence was great, but I expected more blood.

5. Edward leaving. Mmmm... Obviously, it's not the complete scene, so I will wait to watch the movie to give my opinion of it.

6. Laurent. It looks different from the first movie. More diabolic or I don't know XDDD

7. Definitely, the BIG suprise in the trailer was Jacob. The scene where he is transforming into a wolf... Incredible. New Moon must have better effects that Twilight. The visual effects from the first movie were... not very good. I can't wait to see the whole pack, and I'm happy to see that they respected the size of the wolves. I was afraid that they would be normal sized. XD Here's a gif of that scene. Yaaay!!! Thnaks to entropology. If you want more gifs, visit her livejournal by clicking HERE


Overall opinion: AMAZING preview. I can't wait for November and I think New Moon will be better than Twilight.

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

I like Lady Gaga's music, and I do since I listened to it in a promo for the second season of Gossip Girl in Warner Channel (Latinamerica). In fact, Paparazzi was the first song I listened from her and that I liked. I had been waiting to see the video of this song during this month and I have just watched it. Mmmm.... I don't know what to say. I love the song, the locations of the video, the crazy customs, BUT !!!, I think it was a little weird. Anyway, that's why I like this lady. I hope to by her CD soon.

Here is the video if you haven't seen it. Enjoy!

EDIT: I think that the more you watch, the more you like it. ;)

A New Beginning...

Hello everyone!!! Today officially I start writing in this journal (but I created it on March 5th n.nU). I hope it gets popular (everyone can dream something like this! XD) and to read many comments posted from you. I'll try to keep it updated and to talk about many things that I like or about interesting stuffs. =D I must clarify that I'm from Mexico, but I want to practice my English, so if you find any grammar mistakes, "I'm sorry" ^^U

Many must be asking why my livejournal and my nickname is "last memory". If you read my Biography, you'll find out that I love mangas created by CLAMP. When I started getting into this world of manganime, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles had just started and I became fan of it immediately. The story is about a boy named Syaoran that is traveling through different worlds to find some feathers which are the memories of his beloved one: Sakura. I always asked myself how would this story end, and what would be the last memory of Sakura.  So there it is. The 777 from my nickname is from NANA, another manga. Nana in Japanese means "seven".

This is all from my introduction. See you around !